Citizens knowing where government spends taxes is fundamental to democracy

Enabling citizens to quickly understand spending and search the checkbook minimizes corruption and improves public confidence. A transparent and open government is accountable.

Your citizens are not accountants

City budgets are created by accountants and finance staff whose job is to be immersed in your revenue and spending. Budget formats are hard to read and their length creates a huge barrier for taxpayers.

Posting a PDF of your 100 page municipal budget does not create transparency

A 100 page budget with 46,000 words would take at least 4 hours to read, even if they did, they still wouldn’t have a clear picture of your city’s health, revenue and spending. A visual, clickable budget and searchable check register shrink the time it takes for voters to understand where money is being spent.

Your citizens are not business intelligence experts

So what about using an elaborate “business intelligence” program to help taxpayers understand the budget?  Most of these are filled with overwhelming software features, views, pull downs and what ifs.  They are so complicated to use that the average citizen can’t easily understand them and can get lost in minutes. EZTransparency sets the bar for simplicity with intuitive one-click graphs and drill-down menus that always let taxpayers understand where they are in the budget.

Your finance staff doesn’t have the time to transfer budgets to transparency software

No problem. Be transparent in just a few weeks with

Better yet, NO WORK IS REQUIRED OF YOUR STAFF. We create your transparent budget directly from your PDF. Our software quickly identifies budget errors or omissions so you don’t have to.

You don’t have IT resources for new servers and software

We host your transparent budget and searchable checkbook for you. Our team will have your transparent budget live in just weeks. It’s that easy. You only need to post the link to your EZTransparency budget on your website.

You want to go beyond the budget and provide trends and metrics versus other cities

Unlike our competition, we include metrics that are critical to understanding the health of your municipality like budget per capita, debt per capita, average city wages and more.   We also add trends to make it easy to see how your municipality has changed over time.

Invest to empower your voters for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee

Imagine delivering transparency to your citizens with no staff time. Our annual fee is as low as $2,000/yr depending on the size of your city. These municipalities chose this visual one-click drill down tool for their taxpayers to navigate and understand a budget in an hour or less:

  • League City, Texas
  • San Marcos, Texas
  • New Braunfels, Texas
  • DeSoto, Texas
  • Luling, Texas
  • Smithville, Texas
  • Travis County, Texas
  • Rapides, Louisiana
  • and more signing up every week!

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