Which accounting systems work with EZTransparency?

EZTransparency has built hundreds of sites with data from over 50 different accounting systems, from 30-year-old legacy systems to today’s leading ERP solutions. Our customer success team has yet to find an accounting system our platform can’t work with.

Who needs to be part of the implementation and on boarding process?

We need an executive (usually an administrative officer or finance director) to sign off on the subscription. Afterwards, we only need a few hours with someone from your organization to gather the financial data files—in most cases you don’t even have to contact IT.

How do we provide EZTransparency with the data needed to build our site?

Simply send us a pdf of your budget and we will do the rest!  Be live in 30 days or less!

How much time does it take to get an EZTransparency site created?

Getting started with EZTransparency is fast and easy. There is nothing to install, integrate, or implement. Just send us your budget pdf and we do the rest! Be live in just 30 days or less.