Who is EZTransparency?

EZTransparency is a transparent budget solution from MuniServices, a trusted advisor of cities and member of the US Conference of Mayors Business Council. MuniServices partners with over 900 jurisdictions nationwide and has discovered and recovered over $2.4 billion in revenue for clients while requiring minimal time from their staff.

Is this a service or a software product?

It is both. The web-based software product is the framework around which the budget is built and displayed. The service is the entering of the budget information and keeping it current, allowing 3rd party verification.

Do we purchase or lease?

The product is sold under an annual Software & Service Agreement which is a yearly subscription.

Can the public see any confidential data?

There is no confidential data entered or viewable. All data is transcribed from the adopted public budget.

What happens when the new budget is released?

EZTransparency reviews the new budget information upon release and updates the software so the latest numbers are reflected.

What happens if the city website is down?

EZTransparency is hosted on a Tier 1 web hosting service which is not affected by the city web site. If the city web site went down, the link to the budget would not be available, however, it still could be accessed by going directly to www.eztransparency.com

Can we enter/edit data?

No, it is part of EZTransparency service to enter the data. However, we will enter new data at the city’s request.

Does EZTransparency offer training or consulting services?

If required, EZTransparency will provide both training and consulting services; however, using the software is intuitive so training should not be required. Our government services companies can provide services to help you maximize your revenue. To learn more visit www.muniservices.com, www.revds.com, www.pragovernment.com and www.broussardpa.com

Which cities are using the service to be more transparent and build trust with their constituents?

  • League City, Texas
  • San Marcos, Texas
  • New Braunfels, Texas
  • DeSoto, Texas
  • Luling, Texas
  • Smithville, Texas
  • Travis County, Texas
  • Rapides, Louisiana

and more signing up every week

Where can I learn more?

We would be pleased to do a demo of the software during a short 15 minute telephone conversation. Contact us.

What size governments work with EZTransparency and its related companies?

EZTransparency works with governments of all sizes, from the smallest villages and special purpose districts to the largest municipalities. Annual budgets on our platform range from as low as $600,000 to over $22 billion.

How is EZTransparency different from my other finance and operating systems?

EZTransparency takes the data from your budget and displays it in an easy way for constituents to understand and digest. No integrations are required with your other systems, which means you can be live in 30 days with no IT resources required. Our service includes hosting of your EZTransparency website.  Just post the link wherever you want to engage citizens and be more transparent.

How does EZTransparency help communicate the value of financial information?

EZTransparency brings meaning to your data so council, staff and citizens can see where your organization has been and where it is going. Features like Annotations and Saved Views are the easiest ways to share the story behind your data. Just watch the short video on the home page or test drive for yourself by exploring the City of Transparency’s budget in EZ, USA

How detailed is the information on the EZTransparency platform?

It is as detailed as your budget and check register.  We can add prior year budgets for an additional fee.