Easy to understand municipal budgets for your citizens

A transparent and open government provides voters with one-click searchable and downloadable information about how their tax dollars are being spent.
Are you living up to the transparency challenge?

Build transparency and trust with your finances.

Build trust with your citizens

Just click for the information you need.

Easy for citizens to use

EzTransparency selected for US Mayors Best Practice Council Report… Click here to view report

Reduce staff time on info requests

Providing constituents with an easy to understand budget and a searchable check register reduces the burden of information requests.

Be transparent in just 30 days

Our simple approach eliminates delays caused by coordinating staff, technology integrations and more.

No finance staff or IT resources required

We build and host your transparent website from a pdf of your budget. No staff or technology integrations required.

Low annual fee with no set-up cost

Our pricing is as low as $2,000/yr depending on the size of the city budget. Just pennies per voter.

» Explore the City of Transparency’s budget, metrics and check register here